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Owl Collection

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The owl in history has been associated with learning and knowledge beginning with the ancient Greek goddess Athena having an owl as a companion. Athena was the goddess of wisdom. By the Middle ages of course, superstition relegated owls to dark and murky places associated with witches. Today we recognize this bird as a highly intelligent animal that hunts in the evening mostly for mice and snakes. We have several types of owls in the environmental center behind our home and enjoy listening to them in the evening and are grateful for their rodent appetite!
The shape of an owl whether it be a macrame or cookie jars or knick knacks was all the rage in the seventies and in our home as my mother's favorite collectible! 30 years later owls are still all the rage! We have provided soaps for numerous baby showers, weddings and just everyday use. We hope that you will enjoy these and keep a lookout for future shapes to come!