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Preparing your skin for fall!

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I love everything about the fall season. The crisp air, falling leaves, the colors of fall mums and especially the cooler temperatures. However, the drier air also brings things I don't care for, static, drier skin, and turning the heat on!

Our air becomes drier in the fall. The cooler temperatures have me loving a hot shower even more. Thicker lotions are called for and needed more often. I use a rich soap everyday but switch to using my goats milk or hemp oil soaps when the weather gets cooler. Both of these soaps are extra rich in fatty acids and protein. Hemp oil has the added benefit of high doses of vitamin A which is great for skin in need of a little pampering!

If your skin bothers you when the heats turns on, try a few simple changes that may help.

*keep showers/baths shorter and cooler

*use a rich, natural soap (not detergents, look for word soap on label; soap contains rich glycerin that is a natural humectant that draws moisture to your skin)

*use a thick, rich cream containing Shea or other plant oil butters, avoid petroleum products such as Vaseline or lotions containing mineral oil which cannot be absorbed by human skin.

*try a body oil such as sweet almond oil. I use this each evening after shower and patting dry. Begin with your feet using more as needed as you move up. I use the small amount left on my hands for my face each evening. It does not clog pours and is easily absorbed, in the morning I splash and go!

*for very dry, cracked, irritated skin a more concentrated oil blend or extreme cream may be in order. Three Sisters blend is a rich blend of jojoba, sweet almond, and Argan oil. Extreme Creme is available for when nothing else works. Rich lanolin forms the base for this specialty blend I created for our youngest child when nothing else would help her irritated skin. No preservatives, unscented, used daily wherever you need immediate relief. Patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation have found help for their skin with this product.

*avoid synthetic materials, wear cotton fabrics that breathe especially at night

*increase the moisture level in your home with a humidifier or do as we always do and boil a pot of water on the stove, just remember to refill!

*increase your water intake, sounds simple but most of us are dehydrated. A gallon a day, more if exercising.Put fresh fruit or a squirt of lemon or lime juice to enhance the flavor

*eat foods with heavy water content, soups are great however, many overlook berries, melons, fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, squash and more that are available year round.

Hope that these simple tips help you get through the fall and winter months to come. Please feel free to share your helpful hints and  contact us with any questions or concerns! Enjoy the new season that is upon us, happy fall y'all!