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Essential Oils Fragrance List from The Soap Lady Store, Jamestown, NC. 

All of our fragrances are created from natural essential oils with no preservatives of any kind. We mix our own formulas and make our products unique and special.

Designer duplication is in no way affiliated with the parent companies, however, we have become very good at making these smell fantastic! And our customers agree!


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Addict Type* Designer While we are not a fan of this name, we can definitely understand why it is so addictive! It has all of our favorite notes of light floral, vanilla, and smokey bourbon! It's warm and yummy! If you are a fan of our Black Opium, you will definitely like this popular blend!
Alien (Mugler Type*) Designer A warm blend of light Jasmine, woody warm notes with a touch of amber. By customer request, a great transition scent into winter.
Amazing Grace Type* Designer Our number one seller, freesia based, sparkling fresh delicate scent, very feminine.
Angel Type* Designer Our warm vanilla blended with a touch of chocolate and deep Patchouli notes and a touch of floral.
Applejack Seasonal A crisp blend of tart apple with cinnamon essential oil. The perfect fall scent!
Apricot & Fig Fruit A very soft blend of fruit with light floral notes, a best seller.
Arabian Woods (Tom Ford) Type* Designer/Men A complex blend of bergamot, freesia, geranium, jasmine, grounded by earthy Cedarwood, vetiever, sandlewood, oakmoss and vanilla. A heavier scent that's both spicy and sweet that definitely could be the scent of what I imagine the spice stalls in Moracco to smell like!
Armani Aqua di Gioia Type* for Men For the Man A clean scent with middle notes of peppercorn and a touch of cedarwood, surprisingly light!
Armani Code Type* for Men Designer/Men Invigorating scent with notes of fresh citrus, mints, with a warm note of amber thrown in for a truly masculine scent!
Armani Code Type* for Women Designer Orange blossom blended with a touch of spicy ginger grounded by warm, clean sandalwood is everything you could want in a go to scent for everyday.
Aventus Creed for Her Type* Designer This scent is light, a bit fruity and floral, together very pretty! Top notes of crisp apple tempered by a touch of rose and orange, grounded by base notes of Yland Ylang, Sandalwood, and a touch of Amber.
Aventus Creed Type* for Men Designer/Men Customer request and it's quickly becoming a best seller for men, but our ladies like it too! Top notes of bergamot blended with black currant and base notes a subtle blend of oakmoss, birch, must, amber. Warm and inviting, not heavy but one that has "depth".
Baccarat Rouge 540 Type* Designer The number one scent for 2021 and heavily requested! Our version is light, floral top notes with a touch of amber and woody bottom notes. This is a very sophisticated fragrance that you will definitely be complimented on!   I'm not a floral person, but the blend of this is perfect and is quickly becoming one of my favorites.
Bay Rum For the Man A traditional mans scent, invigorating, masculine, with deep spice notes.
Bella Floral A girly blend of lilac and freesia. Idea inspired by the Twilight series describing the scent of the main characters.
Bergamot Coriander (Unisex) Herbal Sweet and clean, citrus blended with fresh, green coriander. Some essentials are just meant for each other!
Black Cherry Merlot, BBW Type* Designer/Men If you love cherries, this is for you! A very warm cherry fragrance.   Fresh, a little bit tart but tempered with our warm vanilla.
Black Opium YSL Type* for Men/Women Designer This duplication made with a warm blend of amber, oakmoss, notes of jasmine and sandalwood and vanilla. Complex but very pleasing. Not floral at all. This blend is liked by men and women and is a great warm, fall scent.
Black Raspberry Vanilla Vanilla A beautiful blend of crisp blackberries and warm vanilla, not too sweet
Bloom, Gucci Type* Designer If you love florals, this scent is for you! Top notes of Gardenia, Jasmine, Honeysuckle and grounded bottom notes of tuberose make for an extremely intoxicating fragrance. Extremely feminine, it's everything you can ask for an more in a floral scent.
Blueberry Fruit A true blueberry scent with just a touch of tartness, fresh.
Bombshell (Victoria's Secret Type*) Designer A really nice fruity, floral type fragrance with top notes of pineapple, tangerine, and grapefruit. Middle notes of vanilla, a touch of Jasmine and peony, base notes rounding it out with a little bit of musk and woody green notes.
Boss (Hugo Boss) Type* Designer/Men A spicy and sweet blend of oakmoss, cedarwood, and musk tempered with sweet orange and a touch of amber. Much requested.
Brown Sugar & Fig Vanilla Fresh fig scent blended with a touch of cedar, coconut milk, and a hint of musk. Very soft and a popular blend.
Burberry Britt Type* for Men Bar Soap Designer/Men Warm notes of spice with bergamot, cardamon and cedar grounded by a touch of tonka bean and patchouli. Together, a warm sensual scent perfect for cooler months. 
Burberry Britt Type* for Women Bar Soap Designer A wonderful, warm sensual scent full of intense vanilla, almond, and candied citrus.
Candy by Prada Type* Designer Candy by Prada Type* is blended with just a few essentials, musk, amber and caramel. This scent comes across lighter than you'd think and smells very elegant and femine.
Candy Cane Seasonal A delightful holiday blend of essential oil of peppermint and warm vanilla. Smells fresh and crisp, just like the candy!
Cardamom Sweet (Unisex) Vanilla Sweet and aromatic, a complex blend of spicy ginger and vanilla notes. A great fall scent!
Cashmere Mist Type* Designer Fresh florals, blended with a touch of sandalwood and vanilla make this scent light, warm, and a favorite! Very soft.
Cedar, Sage & Sea Salt Designer (Jo Malone type*) Clean sage blended with fresh sea salt. A light, airy scent grounded with earthy sage and a touch of fresh cedar. A perfect spring or summer scent.
Chamomile Teas Very light, a very pale scent that soothes if bothered by fragrances.
Chanel #5 Type* Designer Classic feminine scent, totally floral and warm.
Charcoal Detox Bar Soap Specialty Unscented. A black, round bar of soap made with activated charcoal to help wash away impurities and maintain ph balance. Good for all types of skin, non-drying. Remember chemistry class, metal with deactivate the charcoal, use soap dish.
Cherry Blossom Floral A very nice light floral blended with warm notes of amber and musk make this blend a perennial favorite.
Chrome, Azzaro Type* for Men Designer A brisk mix of citrus and herbal blends. Fresh but soft, one of favorite "guy" scents that's grounded by clean sandalwood, oakmoss, and tonka bean.
Cinnamon Red Hots Seasonal Cinnamon, think red hot candies, touch of vanilla, *not for sensitive skin, cinnamon can be an irritant.
Citrus Basil Herbal A fresh blend of mandarin orange and sweet basil, a very clean, crisp scent.
CK-1 Type* Designer A very light scent that both men and women enjoy. Clean but leans just a little towards the designer side with very light floral undertones and a touch of crisp linen.
Clean and Fresh Fresh So many requests for a scent for men and women that’s just plain clean but also fresh. Think clean linen sheets and soft summer nights!
Cloud (Ariana Grande) Type^ Designer Top notes of lavender, pear and bergamot. Middle notes of coconut, Carmel, and orchid. Bottom notes of musk, and light woods. A beautifully blended scent.
Coco Mademoiselle Type* Designer Light, pretty notes of orange blossom, bergamot, rose, base notes of vanilla, and vetiver. One of my favorites, very girly without being too sweet.
Coco Mango Citrus Coconut blended with fresh mango, a very tropical scent.
Coconut Lime Verbena Citrus Base note of lime essential oil blended with aromatic Verbena and just a touch of coconut for a year 'round refreshing scent.
Coconut Milk Vanilla A very soft, pleasing scent that has become our best seller for those coconut lovers that do not want to smell like suntan lotion! Pure coconut, touch of vanilla, not too sweet, it's perfect all year 'round.
Cool Water Type* for Men Designer/Men Completely masculine, our first men's scent and still selling strong! Brisk and clean, refreshing, not overpowering.
Cotton Blossom Fresh Soft and clean with a light floral undernote. A classic scent we have offered for years.
Cotton Candy Vanilla Smells just like the sugar syrup candy you remember, a very light but sweet scent.
Cucumber Fruit A very clean "green" scent, smells just like a freshly picked and sliced cucumber.
Cucumber Melon Fruit Fresh, clean cucumber paired perfectly with fresh melon for a slightly sweeter scent. A perfect spring or anytime scent.
Curve for Men Type* Designer/Men Refreshing, spicy yet sweet with high green notes, tempered with a touch of peppercorn and amber. Our most popular men's scent!
Curve for Women Type* Designer A great day into evening scent. Top fruit notes blended with a touch of floral, bottom notes of clean sandalwood makes a refreshing, light and fresh scent.
Daisies (Marc Jacobs) Type* Designer A perfect summer scent! Very light and feminine with notes of violet, citrus and just a touch of jasmine and gardenia.
Delina de Marley Type* Designer Sweet and sensual and definitely sophisticated! A blend of Turkish rose, Lily of the valley, peony, grounded by citrusy bergamot and a touch of spice.
Doggie Shampoo Specialty Lemongrass essential oil helps to repel fleas and ticks while keeping your pooch smelling fresh. Ph balanced for pets. *Lemongrass does oxidize (darken) in the liquid soap, not bar. This in no way affects the final product.
Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue for Men Type* Designer A touch warmer than the ladies scent, a bit of cedar and sweet tobacco warms the men's blend, a year round favorite.
Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue for Women Type* Designer A crisp, light floral scent very popular, not heavy.
Dolce & Gabbana Rose the One Type* Designer A very light soft rose scent, definitely not your grandmothers rose! Sophisticated!
Drakkar Noir Type* for Men For the Man Earthy, citrus over woodsy top notes, very masculine.
Edward For the Man Bellas counterpart for men! Warm and yummy and definitely masculine with warm amber undernotes.
Egyptian Musk For the Man A traditional men's scent that the women are buying too! Deep rich notes of musk and warm spices. Not too heavy.
Eucalyptus Herbal Pure essential oil of eucalyptus is an eye opener! Close to a true menthol. Great to open sinuses due to allergy. Helps to warn off mosquitoes, they hate the scent! Extremely clean and brisk.
Eucalyptus Spearmint Herbal Our eucalyptus essential oil blended with sweeter pure spearmint essential oil, very brisk and clean.
Falling in Love Type* Vanilla Our duplication of this popular brand is spot-on and smells wonderful!   Perfect for ladies of all ages, it is soft and a bit powdery, heavy on the vanilla with just enough floral to make it one of our girliest scents. This has been popular in our storefront for years and by customer request is now offered on our website. We think you'll love it!
Farmhouse Cider Seasonal Fresh pressed crisp fall apples with a touch of cinnamon and spice. A perfect fall fragrance.
Flower Bomb (VR type*) Designer When you blend jasmine, rose and freesia with just a touch of patchouli, you get an amazing explosion of warm, heady, florals that is rich but not "perfumey"! This scent has a warm sugary note to it and it's delicious to wear!
Frankincense and Myrrh Seasonal Referred to in our shop as Three Wise Men since it is blended with gold cosmetic mica, the pretty shimmery stuff in your eye shadow that doesn't come off on your skin. One of our best cool weather scents, rich, warm, not heavy. Another great traditional men's that women are enjoying as well!
Frasier Fir YSL Type* Designer/Seasonal Essential oils of cedar, cedarwood and a touch of our warm vanilla make this a very fresh, green but warm and yummy scent. *Not for sensitive skin.
Freesia Floral A clean, fresh floral, not too flowery but fresh.
French Pear Fruit If you love our Pearberry, this is Pearberry blended with our sweet vanilla to give a whole new take on this lovely scent!
Fruit Loops Citrus/Fruit Reminiscent of your childhood and for some reason the men seem to be buying this in bulk as fast as we make it! Sense of lemon and orange and grape blended with our warm vanilla.
Fudge Brownie Specialty Rich chocolate scent blended with warm vanilla makes this smell for all the world like a rich chocolate brownie fresh from the oven.
Gardeners Specialty A pure creamy soap blended with lemongrass essential oil and ground pumice. This blend is not gritty however, it powers out ground in dirt, and oil! Mechanics love this! Pumice is naturally drying so lotion is a must after using this product.
Gardenia Floral A very strong, white floral scent, just like you'd remember. Very lush and distinctive!
Gingerbread Seasonal Just as you would expect, ginger blended with rich buttery vanilla and cinnamon and cloves. A great seasonal scent for hand soap and lotion but we do offer it in our bars as some customers just have to have it! *may irritate sensitive skin.
Goats Milk, unscented Specialty Our mildest and richest soap we offer. 50% more fats and proteins make this our go to bar for our friends undergoing chemo or radiation. When no other product works, give this a try.
Grape Fruit Very grapey and sweet. Kids of all ages love this scent.
Green Apple Fruit Crisp, tart, scent is just like a Granny Smith apple, refreshing on a hot day.
Green Clover & Aloe Soft My own personal favorite! Soft, clean, with light green notes. A great year 'round scent for yourself or as a gift!
Green Irish Tweed (Creed) Type* Designer/Men Top notes of lemon verbena blended with grapefruit, coriander, basil all grounded by fresh sandalwood. Not a heavy scent, very green and fresh!
Green Tea Teas Crisp green tea makes a very refreshing scent with sharp green notes. A cooling scent for hot summer days for men or women!
Green Tea & Cucumber Teas When blending crisp green tea with the scent of fresh cut cucumber you get a fantastic blend that quickly becomes your go to scent for hot, sticky days! Very light and fresh!
Gucci Flora Type* Designer/Floral A blend of light floral peony, rose, osmanthus. Grounded with a touch of fresh sandalwood.
Happy for Men Type* Designer/Men Refreshing masculine scent with a fresh blend of orange, lemon and grapefruit.
Happy for Women Type* Designer/Floral Jasmine, lily of the valley and a touch of carnation make a very clean feminine classic.
Heavenly Type* Designer One of our top sellers year round! Soft floral blends make this scent very feminine with delicate powdery base notes.
Honey Almond Soft Are you old enough to remember the original Jergens? This throwback scent has been on our shelves since the beginning! A very nice mixture of roasted almonds and honey.
Honeysuckle Floral A true fresh spring floral, very sweet. A definite reminder of hot summer nights.
Hydrangea Floral Soft summer nights calls for a soft floral with creamy undertones. Not too heavy but definitely floral and very pretty!
Hydrogen All Top notes of grapefruit, leafy greens, middle notes of lavender, lilly and rose grounded with base notes of sandalwood and amber. A clean smelling scent that has warm after note. A customer favorite for years, now available on our website by request.
Imperial Millestime (Unisex, Creed) Type* Floral/Citrus A complex blend of citrus and sea salt top notes, floral, citrus, bergamot grounded by musk and woodsy sea notes. This one took a bit of time to blend but so worth it, fast becoming one of my favorites! Customer requested!
Jasmine Floral Rich jasmine smells very fragrant, a heady floral scent.
Joy All A new design just in time for Christmas or if your name is Joy, it's perfect!
Juicy Couture Type* Designer A very feminine fragrance, honeysuckle based.
Lavender Herbal An "on point" lavender essential oil, fresh, medicinal, a powerful scent.
Lavender Oatmeal & Honey Herbal/Soft A customer suggestion to add our lavender essential to our warm Oatmeal, milk & honey scent lead to one of our top sellers!
Lavender Patchouli All Customer requested and approved! Our rich lavender essential blended with earthy patchouli is especially clean and very bold. Not overpowering and a scent that stays with you after your shower. If you like these two essential oils, this is the one for you!
Lavender Sage Herbal Fresh and crisp, a very herbal blend of our Lavender essential with the woody sharp notes of sage. Great blend for men or women.
Lavender Vanilla Herbal/Vanilla A beautiful blend of true vanilla and lavender essential. The vanilla "cuts" the lavender into a very pleasant blend that's soft but clean and fresh.
Lemon Verbena Citrus One of our top sellers for years! Fresh Lemon and Verbena essential oils makes a nice citrus with floral undertones.
Lemongrass Herbal Lemongrass essential oil. A very green, herbal scent that naturally refreshes and is a great scent to use if spending time outside as it does help to repel no see-ums. Not a sweet scent. *will naturally oxidize (darken) in shower gel, does not affect the final product. We use no preservatives or color stabilizers in our products that may cause irritation.
Lemongrass Coconut Herbal Rich coconut blended with lemongrass essential oil for a fresh, clean, summer scent.
Lemongrass Sage Herbal An herbal blend of green lemongrass essential and woody notes of sage.
Lilac Floral A very intense true lilac scent, our Northern friends approve!
Lime, Margarita Citrus Essential of lime makes a wonderfully refreshing way to wake up!   Much requested and now available in your choice of product. 
Love Spell Designer Very fruity, think sweet tarts! My girls have loved this for years!
Magnolia Floral Soft summer nights calls for a soft floral with creamy undertones. Not too heavy but definitely floral and very pretty!
Mandarin Orange & Ginger Citrus Essential oil of orange and ginger makes a slightly oriental scent. The ginger is stronger in this scent but tempered just right with sweet orange.
Michael Kors for Men Type* Designer/Men Woody notes with a touch of leather and spices. Surprisingly light in scent but definitely masculine.
Michael Kors for Women Type* Designer If you like gardenia you'll love this, a modern blend of gardenia, mandarin and vetiver. One of our most popular sellers.
Mistletoe Seasonal Cedar essential oil blended with just a touch of warm amber makes this our go to scent for the holidays. Smells just like a freshly cut green Christmas tree! Our most popular seasonal scent that we do keep on hand year 'round!
Mocha Mint Herbal Rich chocolate blended with our pure peppermint. Smells like a York peppermint candy! *not for sensitive skin
Moonlight Path Soft A very soft powdery scent, light floral notes tempered with light musk.
Nag Champa (Unisex) Herbal A soft Indian blend of sandlewood and plumeria. Sweet, warm, woodsy with a note of soft vanilla. *Soap will turn tan due to colors of essential oils.
Oatmeal & Honey Soft Smells like a warm bowl of oatmeal blended with cream and a touch of honey. Very nice if wanting something besides unscented. A very mild blend.
Orange Citrus/Fruit A very crisp and refreshing orange essential oil makes for an uplifting scent!
Orange and Clove Citrus The perfect fall scent however, we sell this one everyday! A perfect blend of orange essential oils with the warm, spicy notes of clove and cinnamon essential! *not to be used in sensitive areas, cinnamon can be an irritant!
Orange Cranberry Citrus We blended our orange essential with our cranberry to see what we would get, surprise! A very fresh scent, it's light, and requested all year!
Oud Wood (Tom Ford type*) Designer/Men Rich Cedarwood, oakmoss and clean sandalwood make this scent a heady blend that is very masculine. Think lumberjack!
Patchouli Herbal A deep earthy scent from the 60's! Our patchouli essential is fantastic and has a large following. Patchouli provides the base notes for many deep, rich, scents that people enjoy that think they don't care for patchouli.
Patchouli Amber Herbal Warm amber blended with our patchouli makes for a very pleasant scent that is masculine but ladies like it too!
Patchouli Honey Herbal Soft, light honey scent with touch of our patchouli makes a pleasant scent for all.
Patchouli Lemongrass Herbal/Citrus AKA Lemon Patch - Bright green lemongrass tempered with earthy Patchouli makes for a fresh invigorating scent.
Patchouli Raspberry Herbal/Fruit Fresh Raspberry scent warmed by earthy patchouli, light and clean. A customer request for this blend years ago has lead to others enjoying this scent as well.
Peach Fruit Smells just like warm juicy peaches, a fantastic summer scent!
Pearberry Fruit A pleasant blend of pears and juicy berries, not too sweet, just right!
Peony Floral A heavier sweet floral, very feminine.
Peppermint Herbal A true peppermint essential makes this scent sweet and cool at the same time. Can tingle sensitive skin, not recommended for irritated or broken skin!
Perfect Pumpkin Seasonal When you like your pumpkin straight up, no spices, fresh pumpkin scent.
Pineapple Cilantro Fruit A sweet pineapple fragrance with the cilantro providing a frsh green note that it's not so cloying. I find it very refreshing.
Pink Grapefruit Citrus Tart, pink grapefruit, very citrus and clean with a touch of sweetness
Plumeria Floral Soft clean floral, think Hawaiian nights.
Polo Type* for Men Designer/Men Crisp, sporty, fresh scent, not heavy, refreshing scent.
Polo Black Type* for Men Designer/Men Warm notes of amber, oak moss make this scent masculine but not overwhelming.
Polo Blue Type* for Men Designer/Men Clean with fresh citrus notes.
Polo Red Type* for Men Designer/Men A fresh, light scent with top notes of fresh citrus! Grapefruit and Italian Lemon blended with sage middle notes grounded by bottom notes of rich amber and cedarwood essential oils. Not a heavy scent, this is a great summer choice!
Polo Sport Type* for Men Designer/Men A refreshing blend top notes of citrus balanced by clean and fresh Sandalwood and just a touch of Cedarwood essential. This blend is perfect for summer and one of the ighest of the blends we offer in the Polo duplications.
Pomegranate Fruit Sweet, juicy, slight floral scent, a great light summer scent
Poppy Type* Designer Top floral notes grounded with a touch of citrus and vanilla. Warm and light, very pretty and one of my favorites!
Pure Grace Type* Designer A very light, airy scent that is perfect for the spring and summer. 
Raspberry Fruit Think summertime and luscious berries! A true raspberry not too sweet, not too tart, just right. If you like fruit fragrances, you're going to love this one!
Red Clover Tea Teas Crisper than our white tea, a light, clean, soft scent for men and women.
Romance Type* Designer A heady blend of of florals, roses, marigolds and violet with a splash of   ginger to round it out into a very feminine an romantic scent that's surprisingly light.
Rosemary Herbal A very green herbal fresh scent, invigorating and clean.
Rosemary Mint Herbal Rosemary with fresh peppermint and spearmint essential oils to brighten the scent, invigorating *not for sensitive skin, mints can be irritants.
Royal Water, Creed type* for Men Designer/Men Refreshing juniper, basil, and mint with fresh citrus notes.
Sandalwood For the Man/Herbal Deep warm oriental wood notes, great clean masculine scent although women love it as well.
Sandalwood Vanilla Vanilla/Herbal/For the Man Our crisp woodsy notes of sandalwood tempered by warm buttery vanilla make for a "must have" surprisingly light blend for the cooler months. Customer request, and it blended better than I could imagine! A great scent for men or woman!
Santal 33 (Lelabo type*) Designer/Men sandalwood, Cedarwood, and rich cardamom essentials make a scent that is warm, rich, a touch spicy and we love it! Offered as a unisex scent as both men and women love this blend.
Santal Blush (Tom Ford type*) Designer/Men/Women A woody,  spicy scent with notes of cinnamon, sandalwood, cumin seed, and ylang ylang essentials. Santal Blush is warm, enticing and exotic.
Sauvage for Men Type* Designer/Men A blend of citrus from bergamot, touch of spicy black pepper tempered with warm vanilla notes. All blended to provide a very popular men's scent that comes across a little woody, spicy, and clean all-in-one.
Seashore Fresh Smells salty and clean, think beach, a top seller for men and women for over 25 years!
Silver Mountain Water (Unisex) Fresh Base notes of fresh green tea and black currants create a very fresh scent great for everyone!
Spearmint Fresh/Herbal Frosty clean mint, a very bright essential oil * not for sensitive skin.
Spearmint & Vanilla Fresh/Vanilla A customer request led to this popular blend. The rich vanilla cuts the sharper spearmint, warm but clean. *mints can be an irritant to sensitive skin.
Spicebomb For the Man Think freshly crushed black and pink peppercorns blended with warm spices with a touch of amber. Very masculine and warm!
Spring Flower, Creed Type* Bar Soap Designer Fresh notes of melon, apricot and light florals make for a very light, pretty scent.
Strawberries & Champagne Type* Designer Crisp and a little sweet from fresh strawberries, very feminine.
Strawberry Fruit A true strawberry scent, think fresh picked fruit. Not too heavy or sweet but fresh and fruity! Not just for kids!
Sweet Pea Floral A perennial favorite, delicate, feminine and light floral notes.
Sweet Potato & Brown Sugar Seasonal Yummy! Rich, out of the oven sweet potato blended with buttery brown sugar makes for one very rich bathing experience! If you like warm, vanilla scents then this is for you!
Sweetgrass Herbal Wonderful grassy notes with light sweet top note, very mild, fresh.
Swiss Army Type* Designer/Men Fresh and sharp, a blend of lavender, amber, and fresh greens. Classic!
Swiss Army, Victorinox Type* for Men Designer/Men A very masculine scent! A blend of spicy citrus top notes grounded by cedar, amber and sandalwood.
Tangerine Citrus A brisk citrusy scent, tangier than our orange, very fresh.
Tea Rose Floral A true rose essential makes this scent a very lovely soft floral.
Tea Tree Complexion Bar Soap Specialty Tea Tree essential oil is very medicinal in scent. Great for acne prone skin as it has drying and anti-fungal properties.
The One (Dolce & Gabanna) Type* Designer/Men Warm and woodsy with a blend of cedarwood, ginger, and cardamom. A very masculine scent!
Three Wise Men Seasonal Also known as Frankincense and Myrrh since it is blended with gold cosmetic mica, the pretty shimmery stuff in your eye shadow that doesn't come off on your skin. One of our best cool weather scents, rich, warm, not heavy. Another great traditional men's that women are enjoying as well!
Tobacco & Leather For the Man Warm, masculine, not like an ashtray, more "please come sit by me!" scent that is a blend of warm Cedarwood, Amber, patchouli, oak moss, and rich vanilla. Devine!   Made for men, but my current favorite!   Liked it so much, we offer it in all forms including hand sanitizer. It made a great beard balm too!
Tobacco Vanilla (Tom Ford) Type* Designer/Men Tobacco leaf blended with creamy vanilla with just a touch of ginger. It's a fantastic blend, very masculine! Not smokey at all!
Touch (Burberry) Type* Designer/Men A blend of light florals and citrus make for a refreshing masculine scent.
Vanilla Almond (Unisex) Vanilla Nutty almond blended with creamy vanilla with a touch of cinnamon. If you like our honey almond, you'll love this blend as well!
Vanilla Bean Vanilla Sweet creamy pure vanilla, very rich with smooth buttery top note *soap naturally darkens to tan (oxidized due to air) as we use no preservatives, this in no way affects quality of product.
Vera Wang Type* Designer Soft and floral with rose, calla lily, and just a touch of gardenia, very much a woman's scent.
Vera Wang Princess Type* Designer Light fruit and floral notes blended with a touch of dark chocolate and vanilla. Definitely not a perfume scent, very light, and pretty.
Versace Bright Crystal Type* Designer A light floral blend of peony and pomegranate.
Versace Eros Type* Designer/Men Top light notes of mint, apple, lemon, middle notes of tonka bean and geranium all grounded by oakmoss, cedar, vetiever and a touch of vanilla. A very refreshing, light scent!
Very Sexy for Men Type* Designer/Men Spicy citrus blend, top notes of bergamot and tangerine with sage, vetiver, and orange. Masculine, a deep warm very sexy scent.
Very Sexy for Women Type* Designer Notes of freesia and lily with just a touch of ylang ylang and a pinch of amber make this scent floral but warm and very feminine.
Viking (Creed Type*) Designer/Men Viking is an aromatic scent reminiscent of the cedar base of almost all their products. Top notes contain lavender, clove, allspice with a touch of citrus. Base notes suggest white musk and cedar.
Violet Blossoms Type* Designer Ylang ylang essential, violet water and a touch of heliotrope, light and fresh.
Watermelon Fruit Fresh cut watermelon, sweet, juicy, and fruity!
White Diamonds Type* Designer Soft yet sharp feminine blend of lily, rose, amber, oak moss with a touch of sandalwood. A classic perfume scent.
White Ginger & Amber Type* Designer Deep, warm notes of amber and light ginger with delicate floral undertones, a great cool weather scent.
White Patchouli (Tom Ford type*) Designer/Men Bergamot, peony, rose, jasmine blended with a touch of rich, earthy patchouli makes a very nice masculine scent that's perfect for the hotter months of the year. Light and refreshing.
White Tea Teas Soft, clean scent with fruit top notes and underlying warmth from a touch of Patchouli, surprise! Fast becoming our best seller year round!
Windsor, Creed type* For Men Bar Soap Designer/Men Woody with notes of citrus and a touch of eucalyptus. A very masculine, brisk scent.
YSL Homme Type* Designer This duplication is on point and very masculine! Clean, sharp, and fresh.   A great new addition to our men's line.
Unscented Specialty/All We offer unscented products everyday. Those undergoing chemo/radiation or with allergies and sensitive skin will appreciate being able to use something without worry of irritation.
    "Type" refers to our duplication of the referenced scent.   No perfume (mostly alcohol) is used in the making of these products, only the highest quality essential and fragrance oils. Designer duplication is in no way affiliated with the parent companies, however, we have become very good at making our products smell fantastic and our customer agree!
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