Raise the Bar!

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Kaylee Marie, one of our five granddaughters. Loves our soap and helping around the store.

Many consumers buy their bar or liquid "soap" from a store without a second thought as to the product they are using on their skin. We help change this thought process by raising the bar, pun intended!

Our soap is handmade in Jamestown, North Carolina using only the highest quality plant oils that are vegan based and never tested on animals. The products we offer are ones we use ourselves and never contain artificial lathering agents, hardening agents, or harsh chemicals.

We care very much what we put on our skin as it is the largest organ of the body and we absorb over 50% of the products we use, children may absorb even more! Therefore, be assured that our soap or any other product we offer has no Benzoyl peroxide, DEA, Dioxin, Parabens, PEG, Sodium Laurel Sulfate, Triclosan, Phthalates, or any other unnecessary chemicals.

Pure natural soap has been made for thousands of years. While we no longer use animal products, the process is the same and glycerin, a natural humectant is created when making soap. Glycerin is what draws moisture to your skin and to your bar of soap on a humid day! Most commercial soap makers remove this valuable humectant from their products for sale to the medical industry, and are left with a hard, longer lasting bar that cannot by FDA law be labeled soap. Read your labels, beauty bar, deodorant bar, etc...if it doesn't read soap, then you are buying detergent!

Our youngest child now 21, suffered from eczema in elementary school. No lotion or potion offered by the dermatologist helped. When reading the labels the first two ingredients were always the same, water (aqua) and mineral oil (a petroleum based product not absorbed by human skin). These two ingredients are "fillers" and are not used in our products. Water grows bacteria which creates a need for a preservative, mineral oil clogs the skin. Back to basics before artificial ingredients and colorants that can cause irritations. The Soaplady was a small venture to create a quality product for my child, gifts for my scouts and friends and has now grown into a thriving business that offers unique, quality skin care products for all ages from head to toe.

Raise the bar and treat yourself to a product that doesn't strip your skin of natural oils! Since 1998 and celebrating 10 years in our storefront! Finally a website after much demand and my hesitation. Additional items coming soon. Thank you for stopping by and if you have any questions or are making products yourself and need a helping hand, give us a call! Visit our website www.TheSoapLadyStore.com

We add new items each week and appreciate every product review and referral.