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Celtic Knots

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Celtic Knots

Happy March!

Whether you celebrate St. Patrick's Day or not the history behind what we call Celtic knots is rich and long.

There are over eight variations of designs, called knots including but not limited to, the trinity knot, Celtic love knot, Celtic cross, spiral knot, Celtic shield knot, Dara knot, Solomon's knot, and the Celtic sailor's knot.

These knots have been around since before the birth of Christ. They are thought to represent Christianity when St. Patrick introduced Christianity to the pagans of Ireland. The trinity knot representing the father, son, and holy Ghost or to others, Faith, love, and loyalty.

If you look you'll find these designs in tattoos, art, clothing, jewelry and now we offer them to you in our medium, soap!  Who says you can't have a beautiful design be functional as well.

Enjoy your March and St. Patrick's Day! ☘️  And don't forget to check out our Celtic Knot Collection.

                       ~the soaplady